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Yeah! It's that time of year again! Congrats to everyone for surviving another year. Is anyone going somewhere nice for the holidays? It's summer here so I'm gonna go to the beach alot and go on a couple of loooong tramps with my Mother.

It doesn't snow here, but I wish it did. So many people have told me "No you don't" But I DO! Snow silly! *sigh* I suppose that's what I get for living in New Zealand, well whatever, let's enjoy the sunshine while it lasts! Aye?

I got myself a job this year, it's not much, but it pays for my christmas presents! Woo! It means for the first year since I was born, I have bought my own christmas presents, 100% my money, to give to my family. It feels good. I think I'll go job hunting sometime to make sure I can afford living costs when I go to University down in Wellington too, that sounds important....

I'm doing alot of christmas art just recently too, most are just sketches, but a couple are catching my eye that I line and/or colour them too. If anyone wants a christmas version of their OC or something, just give me a note or comment, requests are ALWAYS open :D

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Submitted on
December 9, 2011